Term 1 Week 3


Below is are maths game that explore rounding and length. Download the activity below onto your iPad and follow the instructions.

Rounding activity

Rounding – A:WT

Rounding with algorithms activity

Rounding and Addition

Picture 27

As Mrs Budget is half way through her shopping she has realised she has left her wallet at home. Fortunately she has $100 emergency money in her bag to get her by. She rounds the price of each item to help her keep tabs on her spending.

Will she have enough for her groceries?

How quickly can you calculate the approximate cost of her shopping? What will she need to do before she gets to the register?

Is she over or under her budget?

How close to $100 can you get with the groceries in her cart?

Do you need to put items back? Can you buy more than one of the items in the trolley to get you to $100.  Show your rounding and calculations in your maths grid book.

Length activity

Length activity


Draw the following table in your Maths book:

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.16.23 pm

In pairs, find items in the classroom that measure the lengths in your table.

The catch is, you only have 15 minutes to measure as many items as possible!!!!!!

As a whole class share all the items you have measured in your pairs.

What did you learn? What did you enjoy? Do you need to know more?