Week 8

This week, you will begin your group inquiry. Below are the tasks you must complete this week:

Map: produce a map of your disaster affected area. Your map could be a coastal, desert or city area – think about the geographical features of your area – your area should coincide with your natural disaster.  Draw infrastructure on your map – think about what you need in terms of surviving a natural disaster. You will need to get your map off Google Maps.

Population: what is the population of your town/area? What are the dwellings that people live in? Where do the people in the area live?  Have a look at this website for some ideas of the number of people per city/suburb/state: http://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/census_services/getproduct/census/2011/quickstat/SSC20571?opendocument&navpos=220

Communication: how will people communicate in the event of an emergency?

Resources available: what are the resources available in the event of an emergency? What can you provide? Who can you call if no one in your town can help?

Disaster recovery/ad for event of emergency:  how will you notify those around you about the disaster?