Homework is sent home every Monday and returned the following Monday.

Make sure when you are completing your homework, you are following the 5 Star Quality Work expectations 5G created as a class.

Odd school week = odd homework  book and even school week = even homework book.

Homework Expectations

Each week when we correct each other’s work, we expect to find the following things:

1. Name, date, margin & heading

2. Sheet stuck in – not loose in book

3. All activities completed

4. Work handed in on time

5. Presentation (ruled lines, neat handwriting etc)

Weekly Homework Tasks – Term 1

AustralianLandmarksWordSearch    Homework T1W22016

Homework T2W32016  ColouringAustralia-History&Heritage

Homework-T1W42016      Observations-of-the-first-fleet-165q3fd

Homework T1W52016  Indigenous Regions

Homework T1W62016  Week 6 reading2016

Using Graphs  Homework T1W72016

Homework T1W82016 Narrative Text Italian homework Lattice Activity 2

Weekly Homework Tasks – Term 2

T2_W3 Homework            Should Computers Be Allowed in the Bedroom?

T2_W4 Homework



T2_W7     Articles for Task 1: Cyclones in Australia 1  Cyclone in Australia 2



Make sure you are keeping up to date with your 30 minutes reading and times tables practise each night.

166 comments on “HOMEWORKAdd yours →

    1. Hi Liam,

      I can help you on Monday if you like. What exactly are you having problems with?
      We can sit together on Monday and work it all out.

      Miss Galtieri

  1. Dear Miss G,
    I forgot to get the spelling list on the way out on Friday. Could you please tell me what the words are?
    Sorry to bother you.
    From Emma
    P.S. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Sure thing. The words for this week are:
      illegible illuminate illegal irrelevant irresistible irresponsible immature immigrant immortal immaculate impatient incomplete inefficient inaccurate informal

      Have a great weekend in Rosebud! 🙂

      From Miss Galtieri

    2. Dear Miss G,
      Sorry to bother you but 2 Mondays ago I told you about the spelling list and how I don’t have it. You told me to check the back and I did then I asked you to print me off another one. You didn’t get back to me. Could you please tell me the words and print the sheet for me next Monday.
      Sorry again.
      From Emma

      1. Hi Emma,

        If you check back to your comment two Mondays ago, I replied with the words, I’m sorry you didn’t see the reply.
        There are spares of the Spelling Matrix and the Spelling List on the homework clipboard in the homework tubs – you will need to take those on Monday and make sure they are in both of your homework books. I have also posted the lists on the blog on the homework page: http://missgaltieri.global2.vic.edu.au/homework/
        Here are this weeks words:

        I hope this helps 🙂

        From Miss Galtieri

    1. Hi Brodie,
      Although the question says ‘ a group of children’, you don’t need to know how many.
      A group of children are playing on the beach. They are hopping and jumping along the
      beach. Each child does three hops followed by one jump. From a standing start, how many footprints
      in the sand would there be for each child after 3 jumps, 10 jumps and 20 jumps?

      The question asks you how many foot prints would there be for EACH child – so you are just working with one child (two feet!).

      I hope this helps 🙂
      From Miss Galtieri

  2. Dear Miss Galtieri,

    When we do the poem for homework, if we do it on our iPad do we still have to write it down in our homework book? Is a song counted as a poem?

    Zoe 😉

  3. Hi miss Galteri
    Sorry to bother you
    But on the inquiry portion of the homework where would we put our blog post

    From Alannah

    1. Hi Alannah,
      All you need to do is press ‘New Post’. Once you have done that, you can type your information there. Don’t forget to press publish when you have finished 🙂 Your post will appear on your home page.
      I hope this has helped!
      From Miss Galtieri

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