We are a class of 26 students at Apollo Parkways Primary School. In our classroom, we have a 1 to 1 iPad program. We would like to share our learning with you; feel free to comment on our great work!

Enjoy our blog!

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  1. Hi Miss G,
    How have you been? How’s your grade?
    Haven’t seen you for so long, I miss you so much! I have so much to tell you. Just wanted to check in and see how everything’s going, hopefully we can talk soon 🙂
    From Jasmine Lockwood
    Email: LOC0023@sthelena.vic.edu.au

    1. Hi Jasmine!
      I am well, how are you? My Grade 1’s are wonderful! So different to Grade 5, but I love it!
      How is year 7 going?
      From Miss Galtieri 🙂

      1. Aw yay you replied! Sorry I didn’t see it earlier I have been so busy. Year 7 is surprisingly much better than I thought. I have met so many new people and learnt so many new things. Here’s my email if its easier to respond via that – LOC0023@sthelena.vic.edu.au
        From Jasmine x

  2. Hi how are the Grade 1s are they cute? I hope your enjoying it and by the way, I never knew you went to USA hope it was good.
    Hopefully you still check your blog
    Probably not
    From Jeremy

    1. Hi Jeremy!
      Thanks for your message. The Grade 1s are so cute…I am really enjoying teaching Grade 1.
      I went to the USA last year. It was great.
      How is high school?! I hope you are enjoying it!

      From Miss Galtieri

  3. Hi 5G!
    What a great blog!
    You all must be enjoying using the iPads in class and learning so much from Miss G. Keep up the great work and have fun!


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