VSSEC Reflection

Yesterday we visited the Victoria Space Science Education Centre – what a wonderful day it was!

On your blog, I would like you to complete a reflection on the day. Use six thinking hats to help you reflect.

Red: What were your feelings before, after and during the excursion? Think about the best bits, the challenges, the rewards – how did these moments make you feel?

Blue: What thinking was needed yesterday? What knowledge did you need to succeed? What do you have to do next to learn more?

Yellow: What was great about the experience? What was the ‘best bit’?

Green: How did you use your creativity yesterday? What ideas can you bring to the classroom after yesterday’s new experiences?

White: What did you learn? Provide 5 examples of new things you learnt – I know I learnt lots!

Black: What could be improved next time?

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