Friday Plan

Hi everyone,

This is the plan for Friday November 11.

Session 1 & 2:

  • Interschool Sport – check the window for the current fixture.
  • Volleyball girls in 5G – please take the volleyball from under my table in our classroom with you to the game.

Session 3 & 4:

  • You may eat your snack and silent read. You may also need to get changed if you are in cricket whites or a basketball top.
  • Finishing Off – the list is on the whiteboard, these items are to be completed in order please. If you have finished all of these things, don’t forget you have Literature Circles too or the Reading cards in the purple container.

12.30pm: Lunch with 1D. Perhaps someone can ring 1D to remind them (extension 325). Say hello to our lovely buddies for me!

Session 5:

  • Silent Reading
  • Leadership Chat with the Grade 6 Leaders. Mr Richardson is in charge of this one!

Session 6:

  • ‘Stars’ comprehension sheet – 5G server, 2016, Miss G is away folder. Complete this in your Reading book. Remember to answer in full sentences please.

Have a wonderful day!

From Miss Galtieri 🙂

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