All day science – lengths of shadows

Today we will be conducting an experiment to explore the lengths of a shadow in a day.

You will need:

  • your science scrapbook
  • a pencil, ruler, eraser
  • the resources I will give you 🙂

What we are going to do:

  1. Discuss our previous lesson – what happened to our shadows on the netball court last week when we reviewed them? Why did this happen? When were the shadows at their longest and shortest?
  2. Let’s discuss variables and controls – who has heard of these terms before?
  3. Let’s discuss change, measure and observe, and keep the same – what does this mean? In this experiment, what is going to change, what will be measured and what will stay the same?
  4. Fill out the Shadow stick investigation planner. You can work with your team however EVERYONE must have their own copy in their book.
  5. Let’s discuss how we are going to set up our experiment – who has some ideas? How are you going to record your observations? What is going to affect the length and direction of the shadow?

TIME TO SET UP YOUR EXPERIMENTS – remember to take a photo each time you visit and record your results on the ‘recording and presenting results’ sheet.

Last step – explain your results on the ‘explaining results’ sheet.

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